LeoVegas CasinoAs freelance web designers, we continually look for inspiration. We have to keep our skills up to date and learn about the latest trends – it can be tough staying on top of things! One way that we do that is to look at different websites and what successful elements of design and coding they use. Recently, we checked out LeoVegas – a popular UK online casino.

We have worked on online gambling websites before, so we were familiar with the brand and what they offered. We spent some time analysing the different website features. LeoVegas uses a plethora of tried and tested web design methods and we would highly recommend this website if you need inspiration like we do!

Looking for web design inspiration

When we need inspiration, we usually look at primary design features such as:

  • Primary site navigation
  • Colour schemes
  • Use of graphics
  • General layout

These are four cornerstones of excellent web design. A site must be easy to navigate – you should be able to find the different site sections easily. Also, it should have a stylish colour scheme that also reflects the brand. Finally, graphics should be used in a tasteful manner – not too overpowering or garish.

Gambling website LeoVegas combines modern web design with amazing utility

As mentioned, my primary source of recent inspiration has been LeoVegas online casino. This is a high-quality gambling and casino platform. Users can choose from hundreds of different casino games, video slots and progressive jackpots and they also have some cool casino bonuses too.

But those fantastic features were not what alluded me to LeoVegas casino – it was their platform. We have analysed and worked on many online casino sites and some look really poor. They look outdated and their sites look boring. LeoVegas casino is the complete opposite. Three areas of design that stood out to me were:

  • LeoVegas Casino – Scrolling news header

This is a simple but effective feature that we usually advocate in web design. A scrolling news header is a main graphical element found on the homepage. It usually has several different articles that you can switch between. LeoVegas casino uses this to great effect.

It showcases important aspects of their website that are bound to draw new customers including the game selection, welcome offer, and jackpot prize of the popular game Megah Moolah.

  • LeoVegas Casino Bold colour scheme

You can also notice a recurring bold colour scheme. This is a predominant orange colouration. We feel like this colour scheme has a dual purpose. Firstly, it looks great – it is eye-catching and stylish.

Secondly, it ties in with the casino name – LeoVegas, in reference to Leo the lion. This is a clever use of colour schemes in their design and something that impressed me greatly.

  • Clear primary navigation

A pet peeve of mine is sites that have poor navigation. Leo Vegas Casino players should always be able to access any area of the online casino within a few clicks.

LeoVegas online casino has a multi-tiered primary site navigation. This works extremely well and makes it to easy to move around. At the top, there is a simple account bar containing login links and customer support links. Below the logo, there is the primary navigation bar – this gives links to the different game sections.

It is well thought out, but also highly usable for customers.

We hope you have found this insight into our sources of inspiration useful! If you want some online casino fun, We urge you to check out leovegas – it is a great example of modern web design done well!