I am in no way a new casino player. In fact, I have been playing for many years. Most of those years I have been playing in the same casino. That’s because I don’t like casino hopping much. After all, you get the best benefits after you have proven your loyalty. When you start casino hopping you cannot prove your loyalty anywhere. But the other day I got tempted by an ad that read Bonus zonder storten. I saw it was about a casino, but had to look up the meaning. When I discovered that the ad was about a no deposit, I decided that I had gotten so far and I should give it a try. 

SlotTown Casino 

Upon entering the casino, I immediately got a funky vibe. And I liked it. It has kind of a Motown atmosphere with several Motown artist look-a-like mascots. I even heard a song playing that went; “Won’t you take me to… Slotty Town. Won’t you take me to… Slohotty Town.” So how could I say no to registering there and enjoying the bonus zonder storten? That’s right, I couldn’t. The only problem was that at a certain point, little Tony came crawling into the room and started pointing at the figures. Of course he wouldn’t mind a toy. Luckily, I was able to get him into bed quickly (it was already past his bedtime) and continue enjoying SlotTown Casino. 

The 15 free spins 

The no deposit bonus at SlotTown Casino consisted of 15 free spins for the game Book of Dead. Or, as you may have heard before, Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead. Now, I have never been one to enjoy knockoffs. That’s basically what this slot machine is, a knockoff from Book of Ra, the biggest land based casino game ever. What got me curious is the fact that this is not the only copy of the slot machine, but it is the most successful one. In fact, the slot machine has so many sequels that it became an entire series. The latest slot machine is even dedicated to his daughter, Cat Wilde. Which means that he has been around for a while. Time for me to check it out. And what do you know? I immediately hit a win. Not a huge one, but €5 is better than nothing if you ask me. 

Wagering requirements 

After I had used up all of my no deposit bonus free spins, I ended up with €25 in winnings. Then I still had to wager this amount. I looked through the SlotTown Casino terms and conditions and quickly learned that I had to wager the amount 25 times within the next 30 days. That’s quite nice because if I could wager €25 a day, I could even skip some days and still make it. The unfortunate thing is that only slot machines counted towards the wagering requirements. This means that I spent a lot of time on the slots in the months after that. 

Final casino wins 

After all the wagering I ended up with €14,37 from the no deposit bonus. Which was great, because the minimum withdrawal amount is only €10. Even though I liked the casino a lot, and it offers a lot of choice when it comes to slot machines, I still returned to my good old casino that I have known and loved for so long. There I get a lot of loyalty benefits and I know where to find everything. But for everyone who’s young, or more flexible when it comes to casinos, I can definitely recommend SlotTown Casino. If only just for the no deposit bonus and wagering requirements.