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The Birth Of Tony

By John Bektashi

Hello readers! Let’s just start with the most exciting news ever. Our little baby boy has finally arrived in to our lives! The childbirth went really smooth actually, which was just great for Maggie. After all, the whole pregnancy seemed to be quite fine and was quite similar to Henry’s. We just can’t’ believe how fast the pregnancy went, maybe we should have enjoyed it more often when we still got the chance. However, having a real baby in your arms is giving you the feeling of instant happiness. Maggie and I are so proud of our little boy, he is doing great and soon after the delivery we went to our own home.

You now might wondering, what name did we gave our precious son? His name is Tony, after his grandfather who passed away last year. The name Tony is such a great fit, he already looks like a real Tony! It was Maggie’s idea to give him this name, because she was confident that it would be the best choice for him. I couldn’t agree even more and she was actually quite right about it.
I was really excited about Henry’s reaction, because it was really cute to see how sweet he acted towards Tony. He even made him a nice drawing and calls him by his name all the time.

Soon after the birth I had to continue my work as a web developer, because I was already behind schedule. Thankfully, I can work from home so I get the chance to spend time with Tony and Henry as well. At the moment I have several clients that are still waiting on their website delivery, which means that I have to work a little bit more the upcoming weeks. Maggie is still enjoying her pregnancy absence, so she can look after the two boys. Because of our earlier preparations regarding the delivery, I can spend my free time on my favorite three people. Still, it’s hard for me to leave the house. Not that i’m not interested, but just a little bit scared to leave them alone for an entire night.

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