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My Feelings About Freelancing

By John Bektashi

Those of you that hold down a regular job may find freelancing a bit strange. In fact, I’ve even been asked by people if I am nervous being a freelancer because I have no job security. Here is a bit of information I thought I would share with you all about my situation and freelancing.

First, no one has job security. Your job can lay you off, fire you or close their doors at any point in time. While you may think that you have security, very few people truly have an unlimited amount of job security. Maybe just the Queen. In my line of work, I work with a variety of online casinos, such as Mr Green, Spielautomaten, Casumo Casino and Deutsche Online Casinos If one of these online casinos were to close their doors or decide to replace me, I would lose one of my clients and some of my income. However, if your boss fires you or closes their door, you lose all your income. Therefore, I think that I have a bit more job security than most.

Secondly, I have full control over my income. As an employee, it can be hard for you to make extra money. Typically, you have to get another job to earn more money. This requires a commitment on your part. For me, earning extra money when I want can be a breeze. I can pick up an extra client as needed for my budget. This gives me a huge amount of freedom that most people don’t have to earn more only when it is needed. This is especially perfect since my wife and I have another baby on the way. When she is on maternity leave, I can help with more of the bills.

Lastly, I have the ability to make my own schedule. When you work for an employer, you have to work the hours they tell you. While I do need to be online to communicate with clients as needed, for the most part, I can work whatever hours I want. If I can’t sleep, I can work in the middle of the night. If my son is sick and can’t go to daycare, I can work when my wife gets home. This kind of flexibility is amazing.

So while some may consider freelancing scary, I find it liberating and freeing.