Hello everyone! Do you remember how we talked about me choosing to work as a freelancer instead of keeping a full time office job? The journey had a lot to do with me learning a lot of SEO and the dynamics of keyword rankings as well.

Since the time I and my wife were expecting our second child, I had started doing the extra yards to make sure I was getting enough done to keep everything in balance.

Let me put this out for everyone out there; When you enter the freelance field and you opt to go with the choice of being an independent digital existence instead of relying on freelance platforms, you are going to need all the keywords and SERPs in the world to go your way.

How do I know that? And how does that even matter? Those are the questions I want to address with this little write up that gives you a peek into my journey towards a consolidated position as a freelancer and my website’s performance on Google searches.

Why do keyword rankings and SEO matter for a freelancer?

Pointer before we head into this: You are a freelancer with an independent digital existence and are not relying on freelance platforms that charge you one-fifth of all your earnings. 

When you are relying on your website for all work to come your way, you need to make sure that more people find you for the search terms related to the work you do.

I am a website designer, and I try to make sure that when people search for a freelance website designer or a freelance web designer, they find me and my website through the search.

Search Engine Rankings and knowing your rank

Now, you know search engines, say Google, take a lot of different dynamics to calculate your rankings. Google SEO is one high paid job and it’s because many people end up needing an expert to make their website rank well.

If you want to rank better, you need to know your rankings. You need a website ranking checker or an SEO rank checker online to know where you stand and to improve on those standings.

Now, that can be a long process because it surely was for me. It is not easy to find the right tool, and believe me, it gets tougher when you are looking for a free keyword rank checker and not just any.

My struggles with finding the right keyword rank checker

It was not that one day I opened a website and I found the perfect tool. It took me weeks to find the right tool with enough operable features and affordable cost options.

Just like everyone else, I was thrown to the websites of Ahref, SEMRush, and Moz. It’s not that they don’t work, but they don’t work for people like us: Freelancers and beginners.

After I had had the horrors of looking at hundreds of dollars a month for SEO and keyword options, I came across a Google rank checker that was listed to be free.

Now, I know what free tools do in most of the instances. You get to go through click baits and you don’t even get minimal productivity out of such tools.

I was amazed to be proved wrong by Rank Checker as it just helped me keep a check on my search rankings and keyword rankings without the extensive billings and the horrible click baits. 

My experience with Rank Checker

Rank Checker has helped me immensely through every step of my digital improvement as it has been just the keyword rank checker I needed for my website.

I can keep track of my keyword rankings, I can keep track of my SERPs, and with the latest feature, I can track my performance compared to that of the competitors. 

Every morning, I can get up and look at how my website is performing, how my keywords are ranking, and how well is my SEO strategy doing compared to that of my competitors.

In short, using RankChecker has been productive, it has been awesome, and it has been economically excellent. Isn’t that what you all are looking for too?

A final word of advice

I would really suggest that you people choose RankChecker if you are just starting. You can avoid spending hundreds of dollars a month on something that you can get for free.

Be smart, choose the economical option, and work hard. That’s it for the day from me.