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The Birth Of Tony

By John Bektashi

Hello readers! Let’s just start with the most exciting news ever. Our little baby boy has finally arrived in to our lives! The childbirth went really smooth actually, which was just great for Maggie. After all, the whole pregnancy seemed to be quite fine and was quite similar to Henry’s. We just can’t’ believe how fast the pregnancy went, maybe we should have enjoyed it more often when we still got the chance. However, having a real baby in your arms is giving you the feeling of instant happiness. Maggie and I are so proud of our little boy, he is doing great and soon after the delivery we went to our own home.

You now might wondering, what name did we gave our precious son? His name is Tony, after his grandfather who passed away last year. The name Tony is such a great fit, he already looks like a real Tony! It was Maggie’s idea to give him this name, because she was confident that it would be the best choice for him. I couldn’t agree even more and she was actually quite right about it.
I was really excited about Henry’s reaction, because it was really cute to see how sweet he acted towards Tony. He even made him a nice drawing and calls him by his name all the time.

Soon after the birth I had to continue my work as a web developer, because I was already behind schedule. Thankfully, I can work from home so I get the chance to spend time with Tony and Henry as well. At the moment I have several clients that are still waiting on their website delivery, which means that I have to work a little bit more the upcoming weeks. Maggie is still enjoying her pregnancy absence, so she can look after the two boys. Because of our earlier preparations regarding the delivery, I can spend my free time on my favorite three people. Still, it’s hard for me to leave the house. Not that i’m not interested, but just a little bit scared to leave them alone for an entire night.

Maggie and I are really casino enthusiasts, but now with the small boys around the house we don’t get the chance to visit the local casino. Maybe it’s possible in the future, but for now we are not interested in a babysitter. We have found many online casinos with bonus zonder storting which are nice as well, especially the live casinos is something that we are really fond of. We have found an online casino called leovegas, where you can get an amazing Casino Bonus, like bonus zonder storten, which offers great online deals and bonus zonder storten. I have actually won a few times by playing lottery 2020 and Blackjack and it was really worth the effort. Every night when we have put the boys in to their beds, Maggie and I log in to the website and start playing. Once you get a real hobby, it is really hard to quit. After all, a little relaxing in the evening doesn’t harm anyone and will keep us motivated!

We highly recommend LeoVegas casino

By John Bektashi

LeoVegas CasinoAs freelance web designers, we continually look for inspiration. We have to keep our skills up to date and learn about the latest trends – it can be tough staying on top of things! One way that we do that is to look at different websites and what successful elements of design and coding they use. Recently, we checked out LeoVegas – a popular UK online casino.

We have worked on online gambling websites before, so we were familiar with the brand and what they offered. We spent some time analysing the different website features. LeoVegas uses a plethora of tried and tested web design methods and we would highly recommend this website if you need inspiration like we do!

Looking for web design inspiration

When we need inspiration, we usually look at primary design features such as:

  • Primary site navigation
  • Colour schemes
  • Use of graphics
  • General layout

These are four cornerstones of excellent web design. A site must be easy to navigate – you should be able to find the different site sections easily. Also, it should have a stylish colour scheme that also reflects the brand. Finally, graphics should be used in a tasteful manner – not too overpowering or garish.

Gambling website LeoVegas combines modern web design with amazing utility

As mentioned, my primary source of recent inspiration has been LeoVegas online casino. This is a high-quality gambling and casino platform. Users can choose from hundreds of different casino games, video slots and progressive jackpots and they also have some cool casino bonuses too.

But those fantastic features were not what alluded me to LeoVegas casino – it was their platform. We have analysed and worked on many online casino sites and some look really poor. They look outdated and their sites look boring. LeoVegas casino is the complete opposite. Three areas of design that stood out to me were:

  • LeoVegas Casino – Scrolling news header

This is a simple but effective feature that we usually advocate in web design. A scrolling news header is a main graphical element found on the homepage. It usually has several different articles that you can switch between. LeoVegas casino uses this to great effect.

It showcases important aspects of their website that are bound to draw new customers including the game selection, welcome offer, and jackpot prize of the popular game Megah Moolah.

  • LeoVegas Casino Bold colour scheme

You can also notice a recurring bold colour scheme. This is a predominant orange colouration. We feel like this colour scheme has a dual purpose. Firstly, it looks great – it is eye-catching and stylish.

Secondly, it ties in with the casino name – LeoVegas, in reference to Leo the lion. This is a clever use of colour schemes in their design and something that impressed me greatly.

  • Clear primary navigation

A pet peeve of mine is sites that have poor navigation. Leo Vegas Casino players should always be able to access any area of the online casino within a few clicks.

LeoVegas online casino has a multi-tiered primary site navigation. This works extremely well and makes it to easy to move around. At the top, there is a simple account bar containing login links and customer support links. Below the logo, there is the primary navigation bar – this gives links to the different game sections.

It is well thought out, but also highly usable for customers.

We hope you have found this insight into our sources of inspiration useful! If you want some online casino fun, We urge you to check out leovegas – it is a great example of modern web design done well!


The best casino bonus in our opinion

By John Bektashi

Hey everyone, welcome back. As you know, Maggie and I are enthusiastic players at online casinos. We did frequent more land-based casinos back in the day, but with two little boys running around that’s nearly impossible to do. However, that’s really made our impression of online gambling websites soar! Where else in the world can you say, “Hello, I’m new here,” and be handed a casino bonus worth hundreds or thousands of euros?

There are many kinds of online casino bonus offers that we’ve discovered while trying out different wagering platforms. Today, we want to tell you more about the best type of casino bonus we’ve discovered. We acknowledge that every gambler is different, and if you like to play different games than we do that our suggestions might not work for you. But go ahead and take a gander at the different casino bonus options you can find at the best online casinos.

Deposit match bonus

First up (and most common) is the deposit match casino bonus. This offer is a great choice for people who want to try out a lot of different games and want to double the real money in their casino bankroll. We’ve found match bonuses that range from €50 to €3000, so you’ll never be short on choices.
Let’s break it down: when you first start playing at an online casino, you’ll have to make a deposit. Plenty of these gambling platforms have realized that you’re likely to stick around and explore (and spend more money) if they make it worth your while. Therefore, they’re happy to match your first deposit – or first five, if you’re lucky – with their own money. You could deposit €100 into your bankroll. Then the casino bonus match would kick in and the casino will also add €100 to that figure. You get to start off with €200 in your pocket and enjoy even more games and entertainment.

Free spins bonus

Another common casino bonus is a free spins bonus. Playing the top slot games costs money for each bet, which can obviously limit the amount of fun you can have on your favorite games when you run low on funds. A free spins casino bonus will give you credited spins without taking any real money from your bankroll. We love using free spins on progressive jackpots where they have the best chance to reward us with €100.000 or more!
This is also a spectacular type of casino bonus because you can easily find no deposit free spins casino bonus offers. A no deposit casino bonus gives you free cash or free spins just for signing up. There’s nothing better than free money, especially if you have the opportunity to turn around and win real money with it.

Welcome package

Our personal favorite type of casino bonus is the welcome package. Maggie and I love to play a wide variety of the best casino games. This includes slots games, table and card games, and live dealer casino. For this reason, we like to take advantage of a casino bonus that let’s us explore every game at the online casino site and discovered what we like best. A welcome package casino bonus does just that. It usually combines the two types of bonuses we listed above. For example, it’s pretty easy to find a promotion for a 100% match deposit bonus up to €200 plus 50 free spins on a popular slot.
You can see why we love these kinds of casino bonus promotions. Who wouldn’t want free cash and the chance to win even more money… for free!

Our view on how to win blackjack games

By John Bektashi

How are you all doing today? I trust my you are doing great. Hope you also had fun all week because Maggie and I sure did. So as you all know that Maggie and I always have a load of fun and excitement we love to try out for you our reader to have a splendid time while visiting our sites, we have something brilliant for you and it is a piece on how to win blackjack games you’re gonna love it.
Well if you went through my last article on my visit to local casinos and my review on the best online casinos where you can make real money you’d love this one also and if you didn’t no worries you’ll still enjoy what I’m about to share with you. I made mention of the fact that I was working with Mr Green and a lot others, well on a second chance visit, I realized making money by playing casino games is fun but even more easy and fun if you play blackjacks and that is why it’s rather of a more beautiful and added advantage if you’re already acquainted with Japanese blackjack and its rules then knowing วิธีชนะเกมแบล็คแจ็ค (how to win blackjack games) would just be of more help to you.

First of I’d like you all to be conscious about the fact that it’s an article. Maggie and I were able to view these blackjack games and we came up with the following hints for you. First of which includes playing the games with liberal playing rules – scout only for blackjack tables where a blackjack pays 3-2 (and it’s advisable to avoid all games where the payoff is 6 to 5 blackjack, or worse, even money). Secondly, you might want to learn the basic playing strategy first before approaching a blackjack table. Make sure to never play blackjack without knowing and using the proper basic playing strategy for the rules set which you are playing against.

One obvious yet unused tip is the use of a strategy card whenever you feel you’re going wrong or not getting the hands being played you can easily glance at your strategy card for answers. Also, avoid making the insurance wager – a winning insurance bet pays 2-1 but the actual odds of winning are far worse than that do you might want to reconsider playing without an insurance bet.

More importantly, Ignore your fellow players it is noteworthy that blackjack is not a team sport, hence the decisions of the other players on the table have no effect on your odds of winning thus don’t be intimidated to do things you wouldn’t on a normal ground. Avoid progressive betting systems, do not play based on your previous losses and your supposed winnings ig you think that y poo u have lost hence you should bet more, you are bound to be sentimentally driven into losing all you’ve got.
Another generous tip is really while playing Black Jack, Don’t believe you are due to win – most people think because they lost or have been losing, their chances of winning are greater or based on luck these cards do not recognize such fallacies hence, you are advised to bet only when there are higher value of cards.

Lastly, Don’t play on tables that use a continuous shuffler (tables like this are mostly good for the casino and never sauce for the player they only expose your bank rolls). Also while playing and having fun you should really go easy on the booze as drinks are mostly free you might be intoxicated into not making the right decisions and end up losing it all.

These tips which I present might somehow seem to be a common sense thing everyone is supposed to know but really how many make use of it which is why I’ve come to lay mor we emphasis on them for my readers try them and you’ll end up going a rich player.

A Brief Update

By John Bektashi

Things sure have gotten busy around here. Henry has been ill lately, which has really kept Maggie and I on our toes. Any of you who have ever had a sick toddler know how hard that is. They want to run and play, but as soon as they do, their fever increases again. It has been a rough for days for sure.

In addition to that, Maggie is slowly but steadily inching closer to her due date. It’s hard to believe, but really soon I will be holding a new little one in my arms. Maggie’s belly has expanded and she sure looks like she is about to pop at any moment.

And work for me has really taken off. I have been trying to get new clients so that we don’t have to worry about money the first few weeks after the baby is born, and boy did I ever get some new clients. I probably bit off more than I can chew, but I would rather have more than enough money and clients than not enough. I am so blessed to be able to live a wonderful life and have an amazing career.

So, with all that we have going on, we have really been taking it easy around here. We are all trying to relax and get in as much sleep as we can. However, I didn’t want you all to think that I had forgotten about you. I haven’t. I have just been wrapped up in day-to-day life. So I just wanted to give you all a brief update and drop a note to say hello. Hopefully, soon enough, you will be getting an update letting you know that the baby is here and whether it is a boy or girl. Speaking of which, Maggie and I still have not picked out a name. So if any of you have any suggestions, we are all ears.

Thanks for your support and following my blog. It means a lot to me that you care enough to follow my life and invest your time into reading about my blog.

A Visit to a Local Casino

By John Bektashi

Hello readers! I hope life is treating you well. I wanted to share an experience that Maggie and I had this weekend with all of you.

As you all know, I work as a freelance web developer, primarily with online casinos and bitcoin casinos but the later I will talk more about another time. Some of the clients I work with include Mr Green, BGO Casino, Kroon casino beoordeling and Casumo Casino. Well, believe it or not, but Maggie and I have not actually been to a casino in a few years. How crazy is that? I work with online casinos and I’m not even up-to-date on casino games. Well that had to change.

Maggie has been busy nesting in preparation for the upcoming baby, so I decided to surprise her and get her our of the house. I took her to a local casino here in London. I thought we could sit down and gamble a bit and then have a nice dinner. I have to tell you, gambling was exhilarating. I loved the games and wondering when and if I was going to hit it big. And surprise! We actually left with a little more money than we came with. But don’t get too excited — our fancy dinner more than gobbled up our winnings.

It’s hard to believe that I work with casino companies but rarely have the chance to gamble. I can definitely see why so many people gamble, both online and in real casinos. And the information I learned from my trip will help me better develop content for my clients.

I am so glad that we were able to get out, have a great time, and help me gain some valuable knowledge for work. It’s a win-win situation for me and my lovely wife.

An Update on the Baby

By John Bektashi

So, as I mentioned in my first blog post, my wife and I are expecting another child. The due date is fast approaching and this weekend, we decided that we had to get our tails into gear and start preparing. It’s crazy how different things are with a second baby compared to the first. With the first we had the nursery set up and ready by now. We were enrolled in child birthing classes. This time, we don’t have anything ready and have not even signed up for our classes. I’d like to think it is because we are so busy with our first child, but truth be told, I think we are more lazy.

Anyhow, this weekend Maggie and I took a big step and started to finally set up the nursery. Since we don’t know the sex of the baby, we wanted to do a neutral theme. We ended up going with an elephant safari theme. We knew we were having a boy with Henry, so we had a sports theme, but it was much harder to decide when you did not know what you were having. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I am secretly regretting not finding out the sex of the baby. I know it will be quite the shock when it is born, but selfishly, I wish we knew right now.

Maggie and I also spent some time reading books to Henry about being a big brother. He is not too keen on the idea just yet, but I’m sure once the baby arrives, he will adjust. Right???

It is overwhelming to think that in just a few short months we will go from a family of three to a family of four. I will be responsible for not only one little life, but two. It does not seem like it should be a huge leap, but in my head, reality is setting in and I’m wondering what I have gotten myself into. I’m sure other dads can relate and I’m sure it will be fine.

So that’s it. That’s how we spent our weekend. I hope you had a nice one as well.

My Feelings About Freelancing

By John Bektashi

Those of you that hold down a regular job may find freelancing a bit strange. In fact, I’ve even been asked by people if I am nervous being a freelancer because I have no job security. Here is a bit of information I thought I would share with you all about my situation and freelancing.

First, no one has job security. Your job can lay you off, fire you or close their doors at any point in time. While you may think that you have security, very few people truly have an unlimited amount of job security. Maybe just the Queen. In my line of work, I work with a variety of online casinos, such as Mr Green, Spielautomaten, Casumo Casino and Deutsche Online Casinos If one of these online casinos were to close their doors or decide to replace me, I would lose one of my clients and some of my income. However, if your boss fires you or closes their door, you lose all your income. Therefore, I think that I have a bit more job security than most.

Secondly, I have full control over my income. As an employee, it can be hard for you to make extra money. Typically, you have to get another job to earn more money. This requires a commitment on your part. For me, earning extra money when I want can be a breeze. I can pick up an extra client as needed for my budget. This gives me a huge amount of freedom that most people don’t have to earn more only when it is needed. This is especially perfect since my wife and I have another baby on the way. When she is on maternity leave, I can help with more of the bills.

Lastly, I have the ability to make my own schedule. When you work for an employer, you have to work the hours they tell you. While I do need to be online to communicate with clients as needed, for the most part, I can work whatever hours I want. If I can’t sleep, I can work in the middle of the night. If my son is sick and can’t go to daycare, I can work when my wife gets home. This kind of flexibility is amazing.

So while some may consider freelancing scary, I find it liberating and freeing.

A Day In My Life

By John Bektashi

Hello and a big thank you to all of my loyal readers! Blogging is such an interesting experience. You open up and share your life with your readers. At times, you feel naked and vulnerable. But without them, you are basically just keeping a journal that only you look at. So while it is strange to know people are beginning to follow me, I appreciate that you have enough interest in doing so.

So, as a freelance website developer, one of the questions that I am frequently asked is what is a day in your life like. My friends and family all think that my life must be so much different because I don’t have a boss. While my life probably is not that different than yours, I figured I would give you a glimpse into a normal day in the life of John Bektashi.

Since I have a toddler, I am up bright and early. My day typically starts around 6 to 6:30, depending on when the boy wakes up. I get up, get him some breakfast and make the usual hot morning beverages. It is a pot of hot coffee for me and a cup of hot tea with some honey for the misses. From there, it’s the typical morning rush we all have. I shower and get ready for the day, all while helping get my son dressed and ready for his day. My wife leaves for work around 7:30 and takes my son to daycare with her. Once the house clears out, I browse around on the internet for a bit and then begin to work.

I begin to play around on the websites for some of my clients, such as Mr Green, BGO Casino, Casumo Casino and Leovegas. I read about what’s going on in the casino industry and what trends people want to see on the websites and try to implement them. I stop and have lunch and breaks, but for the most part, that’s the bulk of my day.

My wife and son get home around 5:30. We eat dinner, play, read, bathe, watch a bit of television and then head to bed. Like I said, my day is pretty routine and very similiar to the rest of yours, despite the fact that I freelance.

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All About Me!

By John Bektashi

Hey and thanks for stopping by my website. My name is John Bektashi. I’ve never really been one to talk about myself, but I do feel it is important for readers to know who they are reading about and to develop a rapport with, so here it goes.

Most importantly, I am a husband and father. I have been married for almost six years to the love of my life, Maggie. She completes me and I can’t imagine my life without her. I am 32 years old and Maggie is about to turn the big 3-0! Together, we currently have one child. We have a three year old son named Henry. However, we also have another child on the way in just a few short months. We have decided not to find out if it is a boy or a girl, so we are both excited to welcome our new arrival.

Let’s see. What else should you know about me? Well, I’m a freelance website developer. I do freelance work with a lot of online casinos. Some of my favorite clients include Mr Green, BGO Casino, Casumo Casino and Leovegas. I love working as a freelancer. I get to set my own schedule and I do not have a boss looking over my shoulder. And with a small child and pregnant wife, it is nice to be able to work around their appointments and activities. I truly am lucky that I have such a great job that I love.

The last thing I want readers to know about my life is that I live in the outskirts of London. I am originally from the United States, but moved here to attend college. I met my wife and knew I could not leave. So this has become my new home. It was an adjustment at first, especially with all of the rain and the different cuisine, but a little over a decade later, I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world.